Coaching program that teaches you how build a tech freelancing business to build your freedom and take control of your life, using Aaron's personal experience, and learnings over a 27 year career in tech.

Create, Launch & Scale Your 6 Figure Business In Just 90 Days!!

What Clients are Saying

" I just completed a very thorough “Freedom with Freelancing” course. I have to say, it provides a very unique blend of self-reflection, formal/technical training, and common-sense advice all delivered in bite-sized videos that feel like you’re talking to a mentor, rather than sitting in a lecture hall. I feel both emboldened and prepared to take my career to the next level after everything Aaron talked through." - Jeff M.

"I just finished the Freedom with Freelancing course and I'm inspired! The videos are extensive, well organized and to the point - no fluff just actionable advice. I particularly appreciated his lessons on overcoming imposter syndrome, establishing a "business value mindset", the surprising risks of Fiverr/Upwork and his recommendations on essential tools for growing and managing a freelance business. Be advised, there is no quick fix here. Aaron assigns A LOT of companion assignments and you gotta be prepared to put in the work - but this course makes the trajectory to success clear. Overall, super informative and well worth your time if you're looking for a huge head start in freelancing." - Jeff H.

"Your a great mentor" - Gurprit S.

If you're like most W2 employees, you're probably wondering,

"Can I make it on my own as a freelancer?"

More specifically, you might be thinking...

😔 I don't know where to even start setting up a business ...

I've never done it before and don't know what's involved.

🖥️ I don't know how to build my personal brand...

I'm overwhelmed by the different platforms which one is right for my goals.

👩‍🎨 I've never had to do sales before…

I'm not able to sell myself. I don't even know how to market my skills to get anyone interested.

💰 I don't have a massive budget...

I'm afraid it'll cost too much to build my business, increase my status, with no guaranteed results.

⏱ ​I don't have enough time...

Between running the day-to-day, work and my personal life I don't have the time to figure it out.

🧠 I'm unsure how to show true value...

To convey my talents and draw people into my life through my accomplishments.

But you're not alone, these are challenges faced by everyone when trying to figure out how to build their freelancing business and personal brand.

What if there was an easy way to create your personal brand, freelancing business, and see more bang for your buck?

The truth is, you don't need to be a world-class salesman, have a degree in Marketing, have deep pockets or even need expensive services to file and get your business off the ground.

THE TRUTH IS , everyone faces these same challenges when trying get into freelancing and building their own business.


Aaron was just like you - he figured out what really works (and what doesn’t) so you don't have to.


Aaron Alfini is the founder of Aaron Alfini Enterprises and the creator of Freedom with Freelancing program. Aaron has almost 30 years of experience in technology and 7 years freelancing. He specializes in technology adoption having helped companies move from mainframe to servers, servers to VMWare, and currently to cloud. He has helped with moving over 400,000 servers to AWS. Aaron has a bachelors in business administration, and a masters degree in Cybersecurity. He also has obtained a certificate in Strategy and Innovation from MIT, and a certificate in Executive leadership from Cornell. Companies he's worked with include, Getty Images, The Motley Fool, Equifax, The London Underground, Discovery Communications and more.

Don't keep repeating the old, broken ways for TRYING to create your freelance business

I’ve invented a new , easier and far better way...

Freedom With Freelancing

The new, smart way for SKYROCKETING your freelancing business

✅ Gain LIFETIME access to the easy-to-follow, step by step Freedom with Freelancing Course

✅ Create a personal brand that will make you stand out and have a tactical advantage on the competition.

✅ Implement the personal branding, mentality, and sales principles in real-time, regardless of previous freelancing experience

Stop feeling lost and confused about what to do next with your life and FINALLY build your legacy.

In the Freedom With Freelancing Course you'll learn exactly...

✅ How to create a winning freelance business strategy: Learn the essential components of a successful freelance business, including crafting your brand, identifying your niche, and setting your rates.

✅ How to build a portfolio that attracts clients: Discover the secrets to creating a portfolio that showcases your skills and experience in a way that appeals to potential clients and helps you stand out in a crowded market.

✅ Get the cheatsheet on what software to use to minimize your overhead costs and administrative efforts.

✅ How to find your ideal clients and win more business: Learn the best techniques for finding and attracting high-quality clients, including networking strategies, online marketing, and cold outreach.

✅ How to manage your time and optimize your productivity: Discover proven techniques for managing your time, staying organized, and optimizing your productivity, so you can maximize your earning potential and achieve the ultimate career freedom.

✅ How to navigate the legal and financial aspects of freelancing: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal and financial aspects of freelancing, including tax considerations, contract negotiation, and protecting your intellectual property.

✅ and much, much more.

It’s super simple to get started…


Watch and Learn

Lessons are value-packed, yet bit sized


Implement Instantly

Get started building day one


Skyrocket your Gigs

The course will get you more gigs, attract high status clients, and generate more customers

Just a taste of what you can expect

in the course (click to expand)...


Welcome to the Course!

About Your Instructor

Coaching Calls

Why Now is a Great Time to Freelance

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Overview of the tech freelancing market

The Benefits

The Drawbacks

The Growth of the Tech Freelancing Industry

Understanding the demand

The Impact of Mass Tech Layoffs

The Increasing Rate of Innovation

The impact of COVID-19

The Rise of Remote Work

Demand for Cost-Effective and Flexible Solutions

The Opportunities

Building a Successful Career

Transitioning From Full-Time

Understanding the Market

The objectives of this Course

Getting You to Where you Need to be

Identify Your Niche and Building Skills

Picking Your Niche

Picking Your Niche - Exercise

Identifying Your Sub Niche

Identifying Your Sub Niche - Exercise

Assessing Your Skills

Assessing Your Skills - Exercise

Diversifying Your Skillset

Diversifying Your Skillset - Exercise

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis - Exercise

Long Term Market Changes

Long Term Market Changes - Exercise

Freelancing Mentality

You are an Entrepreneur

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome - Exercise

Make it Effortless


Business Value Mindset

Business Value Mindset - Exercise

Your Freelance Business

Company Vs Sole Proprietorship

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions Insurance - Exercise

SMART Business Milestones

SMART Business Milestones - Exercise

Filing Your Business

Filing Your Business - Exercise

Accounting Software

Accounting Software - Exercise

Online Banking

Online Banking - Exercise

Credit Card

Credit Card - Exercise

Setting Rates

Don't Decerease Price

Setting Rates - Exercise

Value Based Pricing

Showcasing and Social Media


Differentiation - Exercise

The Problem You Solve

The Problem You Solve - Exercise

Building a Strong Portfolio

Building a Strong Portfolio - Exercise

Online Presence

Professional Associations

Professional Associations - Work


Hackathons - Work


Certifications - Work

One Sheet Brochure

Once Sheet Brochure - Work

Tracking Your Progress

Tracking Your Progress - Work

Upwork and Fiverr

Upwork and Fiverr - Work

Getting Work


Networking - Work

Riding Waves

Riding Waves - Work

Upwork and Fiverr

Linked Helper

Linked Helper Walkthrough

Long Term Contracts

Boutique Consulting Firms

Boutique Consulting Firms - Work


Don't Cheat Upwork

Killing it with AI

Coming SOON!

Course Wrap up

Wrapping Things Up

Going Beyond this Course

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Copyright: © 2023 Aaron Alfini Enterprises - All Rights Reserved

Copyright: © 2023 Aaron Alfini Enterprises - All Rights Reserved